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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have any properties available for rent?
A: Please check on the “Homes for Rent” page. Any vacancies will be listed there.

Q: How much do you charge for rent?
A: Each property is unique and prices vary. Please check the “Homes for Rent” page for more details.

Q: Do you allow roommates?
A: Yes, however each property is subject to a maximum of two people per functional bedroom. Additionally, advertised rent rates are for a maximum of 2 adults (no limit on children). If you want to have more than 2 adults living in the home, there is an additional rent charge of $50/mo per adult. Additionally, when processing an application with more than 2 adults, only the highest two incomes will be considered when calculating qualifying income.

Q: What are my responsibilities as a renter?
A: In all of our single family homes, the tenant is responsible for all bills including water/garbage, electricity, natural gas, and any internet/TV desired. The tenant is also responsible for snow removal and lawn care. It is also required for all tenants to have renters insurance.

Q: Where do I send my monthly rent check or money order (please don’t send cash)?
A: For properties that we manage you must send all rent payments via the United States Postal Service to:
Realty Solutions, LLC
PO Box 11825
Cedar Rapids, IA 52410

Q: What is your policy on pets?
A: The pet policies on each property is different, please read each property listing in detail or contact us and ask.

Q: Do you accept Leased Housing?
A: It depends. We do leasing and property management for various owners and each owner has different policies. Please ask in each case. If Section 8 is allowed you must meet our guidelines:

1. Must have a valid active voucher from the local leased housing authority and present a copy of the voucher prior to scheduling a showing.

2. Must apply and meet the qualifications for approval stated on the “Apply Here” page.

3. Voucher amount must be for the correct amount. Take the advertised rent amount and add the following amounts for a utility allowance:

  • 4BR – $255
  • 3BR – $223
  • 2BR – $183

Note: These amounts are from the Cedar Rapids Section 8 website and are subject to change. These amounts are assuming the tenant pays for all utilities.

EXAMPLE: You are looking at a 3BR house advertised for rent at $900/mo. Adding the $223 utility allowance for a 3 BR to that means your voucher amount must be $1123 or more.

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